Panfish Gear – Excellent Stuff to Buy


No doubt about it, panfishing is HUGELY popular here in the Midwest. While the majority of panfishing happens during the winter (at least where the lakes freeze over), crappie and bluegill provide an excellent resource for anglers throughout the open water season, provided you’re rigged up with the right gear.

Rapala Ultra Lights – $5.99
Northland Fire-Fly Jig – $2.79
Northland Impulse Rigged Mini Smelt – $3.89
VMC Boot Tail Jig – $2.79
VMC Flap Tail Jig – $2.79
VMC Nymph Jig – $2.79
Northland Thumper Crappie King – $2.99
VMC Spinshot Hook – $4.99
Southern Pro Tackle Panfish Assortment Kit – $21.99
Daiwa Revros LT 1000 – $49.99
Northland Bionic Panfish Line – $4.99
St. Croix Triumph Rod (6’6″ Light) – $99.99
Back Forty Cajun Style Breading Mix – $1.99
Back Forty Panko Style Breadcrumbs – $1.99
Back Forty Cheddar Ranch Fry Seasoning – $3.99
Chard Fish & Wing Fryer – $21.89


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