Lake Vermilion (MN) Fishing Report – Jarek Wujkowski

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Jarek Wujkowski

Fishing on Vermilion remains awesome! Its been a great week full of lots of hook sets, doubles, and good fish; whoever said anything about a midsummer lull?



The walleye fishing has been very good. Consistent weather patterns have attributed to a strong bite the last week with many big fish hitting the net, to be caught another day. Timing and fishing during lowlight periods have been crucial to our success. Using side imaging to find sand/rock transitional areas on windblown breaks of 18-26ft and graphing these zones will find you walleyes. Lindy rigging crawlers and leeches on simple rigs have been bringing fish in the boat. Another bite to not overlook is shallower rock in low light periods. This can be a very fun bite as anglers can boat larger walleye, your ‘keeper’ fish and big bass all in the same area. Jigging live bait as well as snap jigging Jiggin’ Rapalas has been productive in these areas. Dragging lead adjacent to structure with #5 + #7 Shad Raps has also been a very productive method of take for those anglers willing to troll.



Larger smallmouth are being found on deeper mid-lake rock structure of 12-17ft. Large isolated boulders typically hold a fish or two at this time. Many areas where you will find walleye are holding larger smallmouth as well, feeding mainly on crayfish. Matching the hatch and drop-shotting creature and crayfish plastics, and 3.5” tubes are one’s best bet, and as always a slip bobber with a leech will always produce.



Fish are set up in their normal summer patterns. Casting rock structure, mid-lake reefs and islands, and deep weed edges has all seen fish. Your big rubber baits has seen more reaction bites over secondary rock structure, while casting blades has seen more fish altogether. Bigtooth Mag 8’s, Dadson Bullets, Shumaway Flashers burned over structure is always a go to, changing sizes as you pattern in the day. As always, when you see a fish, mark the spot, give it some time and come back with a new game plan; many fish are becoming less pelagic and are structure hogs.

Jarek Wujkowski
Rodsbent Guide Service


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