Lake Michigan Fishing Report – Ron Westrate (Holland/Saugatuck)

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The past week to 10 days have produced some very good fishing even though the water temperatures are as warm as I have seen them in years. This past week end we had a surface temperature or 76 degrees and 90 foot down it was still 75 degrees. With this warm water, the salmon run will be delayed. There will be some salmon that will move to the piers and run the river even in the warm water, however the majority will remain in the cooler water. Creel numbers continue to push the mid to high teens and consist of 75% lake trout, and the rest consisting of Chinook and Coho salmon and an occasional steelhead. The lake trout continue to push the 20 pound range with the kings running from mid to high teens. We had a coho that weighed in at 12 pounds last weekend. There was one king caught that weighed in at 29 pounds.

The vast majority of the fish are coming in the bottom 10 foot of the water column on flashers and flies and flashers and spin n glos with flies. We are running the dipsy divers and downriggers on or near the bottom and using 400 foot and 300 foot of copper with magnum spoons and flashers and flies.

To get the run started, we need some cold water and to get this water, it will have to blow hard out of the north for 2 or 3 days ( maybe 4 or 5 days) and if it does, and the water cools into the high 50’s the salmon will move to the piers and move quickly. The problem is the forecast does not predict any such change in the weather so we should continue to see the same good fishing in the 100 to 120 foot depth. For more information or to book a charter email me at

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