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Angling information and communication travels fast these days, especially through social media. This makes it far better for the anglers who like to travel. We all have our go-to local lakes and rivers, but today a lot good multi-species anglers go on road trips to take advantage of hot seasonal bites that go on in the region.

In the spring, that could mean targeting the early walleye bite on the Rainy River in Minnesota or the whopper walleyes of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Maybe it means hunting chromer steelhead that migrate into Lake Michigan’s tributary rivers — we’re talking bows pushing into the double digits.

As things heat up in the summer, the musky bite kicks in on Lake of the Woods, various Ontario lakes, Leech Lake and Lake Vermilion in Minnesota. With summer warmth and sun, their metabolism rises and these freshwater beasts like to feast .

Another summer opportunity that’s going on right now is the red-hot salmon and trout bite that’s in full swing at ports all around the Great Lakes.

Many anglers go on their annual Canadian fishing trips to lodges across the border for good fishing, great food, friendship and beautiful surroundings.

Whether you like fishing lakes, rivers or streams, the equipment, technology and information now-a-days make it easier than ever to be a successful – traveling angler.


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