Keys To Catching More Walleyes At Night

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Q: What are some keys to catching walleye at night?
I’m typically off the water as the sun is setting, so I’ve never tried night fishing.
Are there any major presentation differences between daytime and nighttime fishing?​

A: from Dave Csanda
Walleye can be caught at night during all year round.
Here are two different presentation techniques for night stalking walleye.
1. Flat line trolling original Rapala Minnows (size: #9 or #11).
Focus on shallow rock flats and developing weed beds in the 5′ to 8′ depth range,
slow trolling with the trolling motor at .8 mph.

2. An alternative technique is to slip bobber fish with live leeches.
Focus on boulder piles and high spots on main lake points or humps.
You want to set the stop knot at a depth where the lively leech is wriggling about 18″ off the bottom.

Night time is often the right time to catch big walleye!

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