Gearing Up for MUSKY Fishing!!!


Musky fishing is the fastest growing segment of the fishing community, and for good reason. Very few fish in freshwater can match adrenaline-pumping excitement you feel when you’re hooked up with a musky. It’s a fish that appeals to the younger generations, and as a result, it’s bringing many new fishermen into the sport. Here’s a few items you should consider picking up if you’re getting into musky fishing:




Big Tooth Juice Mini 8 Bucktail – $19.79
Big Tooth Juice Mag 8 Bucktail – $24.79
Musky Mayhem Double Showgirl – $16.89
Northland Bird-Shot Bucktail – $11.99
Northland Bionic Bucktail Spinnerbait – $14.99




Sennett Pacemaker – $24.99
Joe Bucher Shallow Raider (jointed) – $14.99
Joe Bucher Shallow Raider – $14.99
Bagley Monster Shad – $14.49
Bagley Bang O B – $15.99




VMC Fluorocarbon Musky Leader – $11.69
Joe Bucher Pro Musky Leader – $10.99
Sufix Performance Braid – $12.99
Sufix 832 Superline – $16.99
Drifter Predator Net – $129.99
St. Croix Mojo Musky – $179.99
Daiwa Lexa HD 300 – $199.99
Blackfish Eclipse Hoodie – $59.99


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