Cool Products for the Traveling Angler

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If you’re a true Traveling Angler, you need to rigged up for EVERY situation, whether it’s hot bite, or a sticky situation. Here’s a few fishing lures and terminal travel gear that will help keep your fishing trip running smoothly:

Travel Gear


Red Rock Backpack – $29.99
Ugly Stick Tackle Bag – $29.99
Curad Compact First Aid – $35.09
South Bend Hook Removal – $9.99
Rayovac Sportsman Headlamp – $22.99

Fishing Gear


Northland Buck-Shot Spoon – $4.89
Terminator Popping Frog – $10.49
Terminator Walking Frog – $10.49
Reef Runner Cicada – $4.99
Mepps In-Line Spinner – $6.09
River2Sea Whopper Plopper – $18.99


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