Cool Products for Fishing Right Now in the Midwest

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We’re entering into the early summer period right now. Crankbaits are still effective, the spinner rig bite is starting up, there’s a lot of fun option available to anglers. Here are a few products we’d recommend picking up that we know are working great right now in our region:



Rapala DT Crankbaits – $6.89
Bagley Sunny B – $8.89

Spinner Rigging


Northland Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer – $4.99
Northland Mr. Walleye Crawler Hauler – $2.49
Northland Baitfish Spinner Harness – $7.49
Northland Speed Spinner Harness – $3.69



Sportsman’s Connection Fishing Maps – $19.89
Smooth Moves Seat – $575.00


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