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Tony Roach Spring Crappie

Speed is a critical factor when it comes to crappies or any other panfish for that matter; spring, summer or fall.   Even when the fish are really aggressive, you can’t move your bait too fast.   As I go throughout the different seasons, many factors will change, but you’ll find two common threads:   [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm
Walleye Master

Called “walleyed pike” by some, walleyes are actually part of the perch family.   But the nickname “marble eyes” fits. Equipped with specially-adapted cells on the retina called Tepetum Lucidum, the walleye’s bulging, glossy, and reflective eyes are built for low-light feeding.   This can make catching walleyes a puzzle, with optimal feeding windows during [Read more…]

Walleye Crankbsits 1

No one can deny the effectiveness of crankbaits, whether you like catching walleyes, bass, muskies, salmonoids and even panfish. That said, they can be a little intimidating if you’ve never used them.   One thing that many angler get caught up on is choosing the right crankbait. It’s hard to have confidence in your presentation [Read more…]

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Northland Fishing Tackle Walleye

If you’re serious about getting bit, you want to use the best lures you can.   It’s always smart to stick to proven companies that consistently produce solid fish-catching baits. A great example is Northland Fishing Tackle. They are located right in the heart of Minnesota and have been producing high quality lures for north [Read more…]

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Key Locations and Strategies for Early Spring Walleyes

By: Nick Lindner   Why is spring walleye fishing awesome?   First of all, it feels great to be back in the boat again. Our augers are all packed up and the long rods are tuned and ready to go. The weather is getting nicer and nicer, and some of the best fishing of the [Read more…]

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Best Way to Hook a Shiner Minnow

When you’re fishing aggressively or around cover, the standard “nose-hooking” method doesn’t always cut it. In this video, Brian Brosdahl demonstrates how he likes to hook shiners in these situations.

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The Best Rod, Reel & Line for Jerkbait Fishing

The spinning reel vs. baitcaster debate has raged on for years and years. Some presentations have obvious answers: dropshots require spinning equipment, deep crankbaits require baitcasting gear.   Other presentations aren’t nearly as cut-and-dry, coming down to the personal preference of the fisherman. One of the most hotly contested areas of this debate is jerkbait [Read more…]

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