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Two location patterns dominate musky fishing in spring. In lakes with cold-water baitfish like ciscoes, muskies often suspend in open water. In waters lacking suspended baitfish, muskies often relate to cover and forage on shallow flats.

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In spring, 95% of the fish population is shallow. Focus on shallow bays and food shelves to quickly locate and catch fish and to evaluate the lake’s potential.

Off Shore Tackle Tile
Largemouth vs Smallmouth Bass

With the cold weather we’ve experienced the past few weeks, water temperatures have receded as much as 6 to 8 degrees. Bass and panfish that were nosing around potential nesting sites likely dropped slightly deeper, waiting for conditions to improve.   In many areas, spawning has been delayed for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Even [Read more…]


Onscreen mapping and side imaging reveal subtle fish attractors along and atop shallow structures. Key walleye spots become obvious once you learn to interpret your electronics.


Changing weather and water conditions may shrink or expand the strike zones of gamefish like smallmouth bass. Match your lures and tactics to the prevailing conditions to maximize fish response.


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