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Isolating and catching deepwater crappies in the basin isn’t terribly difficult – they stick out like a sore thumb on your electronics and where you find one, there’s usually more. If you’re chasing panfish in 25+ feet of water, barotrauma and delayed mortality become serious considerations. It’s safe to expect that fish caught within this [Read more…]

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Panfish are notorious roamers during the winter months. You can’t set up camp and expect to catch fish consistently if you aren’t willing to move and follow the schools around the spot. Tony Roach shares a few tips for finding and catching crappies on ice.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our [Read more…]

Summer Crappie Tips

Each and every spring, crappies seem to occupy the minds of nearly every fisherman in the Midwest. Springtime crappies pile into the shallows with intentions of creating the future generations. These mass schools of fish are followed closely by schools of fishermen with intentions of obtaining a few meals of fish.   As the season [Read more…]

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Bluegill fishing has changed over the decades as the body count of big bluegills harvested from Midwestern lakes continues to stack up. Angling pressure is on the rise and our panfish resources can’t keep up today’s sophisticated angler. Understanding how these populations work will help us protect these fish for future generations.     For [Read more…]


Summertime bug hatches don’t need to be a BAD thing. If you understand how they impact the movement and attitude of the fish, you can use them to your advantage. In this video, veteran guide Brad Hawthorne shares his strategy.   Thumbnail photo via Matt Addington.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to [Read more…]


It’s that time of year again up here in the north country. The muskies are pairing up and partaking in the spawn up in the shallows. For those who have never seen it, it’s a quite the sight. This incredible footage from Bill Lindner shot on a prototype Aqua-Vu camera does an excellent job showing [Read more…]


It’s funny – Bill Lindner is one of the few great fishermen we know that can set down a fishing rod long enough to capture some truly awesome fish footage. Most guys would’ve been slinging crappie jigs and bobbers here, but instead Bill busts out a new prototype Aqua-Vu cam to film some beautiful specs [Read more…]

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