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Spring Panfish Gear

Now is PRIMETIME for panfishing in the Upper Midwest. Most folks are focusing their attention on walleyes, bass, pike, etc., but this is when the panfish bite really starts to turn up. While springtime crappies and sunfish aren’t terribly difficult to catch, it pays to have a diverse arsenal for different fishing conditions.   Panfish [Read more…]

Spring Fishing Products

It’s spring of the year and fish are heading up into the shallows to gorge on bait and “do their deal”. This provides an excellent opportunity for multi-species anglers to capitalize on a flurry of different bites, using shallow water presentations to cover water quickly and trigger vicious bites.   Lures   – Rapala Original [Read more…]

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Gearing up for Spring Walleye Fishing

It’s that time of year again! The Minnesota and Wisconsin walleye openers are almost here and spring walleye fishing is already in full swing in other areas like the Dakotas, Iowa, the Great Lakes, etc. If you haven’t already, now is the time gear up for the season.   Walleye Lures   – Northland Buck-a-Roo [Read more…]

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Humminbird Ice Helix G2

The next generation of Humminbird Ice Helix units have seen some significant improvements over earlier iterations in the series. The game-changing CHIRP sonar technology has made it’s way from the boat to the ice — offering noticeably better target separation. They’ve also added 6 different Interference Rejection settings that will help clean up your screen [Read more…]

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Best Fall Walleye Jigs

A classic jig & minnow presentation is tough to beat for walleyes in the fall — no way around it! Consequently, it’s become a bread-and-butter tactic in the arsenal of walleye anglers all over the north country.   When it comes to jig selection, we all have our favorites, but most of us are open [Read more…]

Bass Fishing Gear-Products

If you’ve spent a lot of time bass fishing, you know it can require tackling a wide variety of conditions. You could be fishing in heavy cover, on deep structure, up on the surface, and everywhere in between. To conquer these conditions, you need a diverse array of gear. Here are some of our suggestions: [Read more…]

Cool Products for River Fishing

The one primary differentiating factor between lakes and rivers is, you guessed it, current. For that reason alone, river fishing requires a completely different arsenal of gear. While some products work everywhere, some are built specifically for efficiency in various strengths of current. Here are a few of our favorite products for fishing in river [Read more…]


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