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To find muskies, first zero in on the best seasonal habitat. Then check a variety of structure and cover options–points, humps, islands, weeds, wood, rock– until you see fish and determine which is best.

Aquatic Invasive Species

Nisswa, MN Guide Ray Gildow discusses the growing use of soft plastics and how they can help you put more fish in the boat.

Countdown to Suspended Crappies in Summer

Believe it or not, crappies are fairly predictable and easy to catch throughout the summer months if you understand their behavior.   After spawning, crappies desert the extreme shallows. As they regroup and school in early summer, they typically relate to the deep outer weedline in natural lakes, or to flooded standing timber in reservoirs. [Read more…]


The erratic darting action of Jigging Rapalas triggers walleye strikes during the heat of summer. Snap your rod tip upward every few seconds to impart speed and direction changes to the lure.


When bass are tentative yet feeding near the surface, twitching prop baits interspersed with frequent pauses drives bass wild! Bass rise to the occasion to snatch them off the calm surface.


Flatline trolling covers water efficiently and enables high-speed triggering tactics for muskies. Match your lure style to the depth, cover, water temperature and mood of the fish.

Dave Csanda Mayfly Connection

While April showers bring May flowers, names can be deceiving. Mayflies, for example, are usually most abundant throughout the northern states in June & July, and often play a key role in early summer walleye fishing.   At the leading edge of summer, schools of tiny minnow and baitfish fry that hatched in spring may [Read more…]


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