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Topwater lures can be extremely effective for targeting smallmouth bass — not just numbers, but big ones, too! For this application, there are four primary topwater lure styles to consider: prop baits, poppers, jump baits and wake baits.   All of these baits can be worked around cover or in open water, whether you’re on [Read more…]

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How do you determine leader length on your spinner rigs? Hopefully you’re not running the same length in all conditions! Experienced fishing guide Brad Hawthorne shed some light on how he determines his leader length in various fishing conditions from dirty water to clear water and negative bites to positive bites.

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Spring Crappies

Panfish continually rank as one of the most commonly targeted species in the U.S., and in northern waters, their popularity exceeds that of even largemouth and smallmouth bass. If panfish are popular, then crappies are the undisputed heavyweight champion of the group. They have become increasingly sought after nationwide as new people are introduced to [Read more…]

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When it comes to jig fishing, the baits I use are about as diverse as the bodies of water I fish. One of my favorite go-to techniques is pitching a simple swimbait. It’s a dynamite presentation for pitching and ripping in a variety of different conditions, from shallow weeds to deep rocks and everything in [Read more…]

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No doubt about it, lipless crankbaits are one of the most versatile tools available for catching walleyes, and they are still underused, despite being a mainstay in most of our tackle boxes.   The great thing about rattle baits is their ability to fish so many different depth levels. Traditionally, a rattle baits is simply [Read more…]


Smallmouths never met a jerkbait they didn’t like. However…they definitely like some jerkbaits, and certain color patterns, better than others! Come prepared, and prepare for battle!

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Walleye Underwater - Bill Lindner

Photo by Bill Lindner   Winter is finally coming to an end and everyone is chomping at the bit to get out on open water. Luckily, there are some amazing river walleye opportunities for those of you who aren’t patient enough to wait for the ice to melt on the lakes. This happens to be [Read more…]

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