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As water levels drop, current slows and the water clears, summer smallmouth fishing on small rivers comes into its heyday. Topwaters are easy, fun and effective lures for catching them.

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When your electronics reveal that walleyes aren’t deep, look shallower. Lipless rattlebaits are ideal for fancasting to locate and trigger walleyes in the weeds.


Fishing northern natural lakes for largemouth bass is usually all about fishing weeds. Shallow weeds. Emergent weeds. Weed flats. Deep weedlines. Weeds, weeds and more weeds.   Except when it isn’t. Because sometimes, even largemouth bass move outside their beloved weedbeds, prowling atop rock and boulder areas in search of prey.   If these sound [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species

Dan Lindner and Dave Csanda talk about Brook Trout. Big brookies aren’t just bug eaters; they grow large by feasting on minnows and small fish. Spinners, jigs and crankbaits are ideal for provoking strikes and bulldog fights.


by Brad Durick with comments by Dave Csanda   Brad: Manitoba and the University of Nebraska teamed up for a tag study on catfish movements. Saturday I caught 2 in downtown Grand Forks.  That gives me 9 total caught since last year. We believe they got over the dams during last year’s summer flood when [Read more…]


Topwater lures move slowly across the surface, kicking up a ruckus that attracts and infuriates a musky. They allow big fish plenty of time to zero in on, follow and eventually strike the bait.


On-screen mapping reveals primary walleye-attracting areas. Drive right to high-percentage spots on prominent structures, spending less time hunting for fish, and more time fishing for them!

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