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Softbaits can be jigged and rigged in different ways to achieve alternative triggering characteristics. Experiment to determine the best setup for the conditions.

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Dr. Jason Halfen shares some great tips for catching river panfish during the dog days of summer. Visit for more info from Jason.

“Snaketrolling” Tandem Spinnerbaits for Big Pike and Musky

Photo by Bill Lindner   Snaketrolling? Anglers might assume that means trolling for northern pike, often referred to as “snakes” due to their long, lean, sinewy bodies that coil before striking. Following that logic, muskies, being even larger, might be nicknamed anacondas or pythons…   While the term “snaketrolling” could simply refer to trolling for [Read more…]

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Small, fertile lakes and ponds grow some of the largest bass, yet receive little or no fishing pressure. Casting crankbaits can be deadly for bass feeding on bluegills near the surface.


Hey!   Nick from AnglingBuzz here.   Welcome to the AnglingBuzz community! As promised, here are the fish recipes. Enjoy!     Smoked Fish Dip Makes 2-1/2 to 3 cups (600 to 720 ml)   Serve with a variety of crackers   1 1/2 cups (375 ml) crumbled smoked fish 1/2 cup (125 ml) buttermilk [Read more…]


Livebaits aren’t the only dressings for spinner rigs. Durable softbaits are easy to use, with lifelike profiles and actions that provoke walleye strikes.

Dave Csanda's Summer 2015 Red River Catfish

Summer catfishing requires minimal tackle and technique. However, the better you understand your quarry, analyze fishing conditions and tweak your presentations, the more and bigger fish you’ll catch. Cats often relate to deep holes formed at river bends, or to flooded wood cover.   From a boat, either anchor just above a hole, and toss [Read more…]

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