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Fall Crappies

In early fall, cooling water temperatures create chaos in the shallower water of lakes and reservoirs. Frigid rains and howling winds mix the surface layers, with the turbulence eventually reaching down to and disrupting the summer thermocline. Surface water temperatures plummeting from 65 F down to about 55 F indicate that the disruptive fall turnover [Read more…]

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River Smallmouth behavior

Fishing patterns for most species change as autumn fades into mid-fall. This is particularly true for smallmouth bass inhabiting rivers, as cool nights and cold rains spur major adjustments in fish location and behavior.   During summer, family groups of smallmouths spread throughout countless miles of shallow river habitat, some here, some there. But in [Read more…]


In fall, largemouth bass make a slow transition from shallower to deeper weed zones. Apply proper lure selection and boat control to cover flats vs. dropoffs.

Sea Foam Rebate

Large, deep lakes with suspended baitfish grow the biggest pike. In late summer, big northerns move from deep water to mainlake rock points and reefs. Cast large crankbaits for big fish.


Heavy Jigging Rapalas were designed for ice fishing, but their erratic action triggers walleye strikes all year long if properly rigged and jigged.


Muskies routinely follow lures and turn away at the last second, frustrating anglers. Executing a boatside “figure 8” maneuver excites fish and makes them strike.


Crankbaits trolled at the right speed cover water and trigger walleye strikes in river current. Kicker outboards provide fine-tuned speed control to barely overcome current flow.


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