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Casting or vertically jigging 4-inch softbait minnow imitations on spinning gear is the hot tactic for king salmon, especially near Great Lakes harbors and breakwalls.

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Punchin’ is a no-holds-barred method for extracting big largemouth bass from down within heavy weedgrowth. Long rods, heavy superfine and specialized hooks and sinkers pack a powerful punch!


Match your lure style to bass depth, position and aggressiveness in and around weeds. The right lures minimize snags while maximizing fish response.

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“I been in the right place…but it must have been the wrong time.”—Dr. John   Dr. John must have spent a fair amount of time in the boat, because his lyrics apply remarkably well to summer walleye fishing.   In summer, being “there” when the bite occurs is huge. It’s not simply a case of, [Read more…]


Smallmouth bass in clear-water lakes often feed on suspended baitfish. Vertically jigging subtle softbaits well off bottom triggers smallmouths to rise up and snatch an easy meal.

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To find muskies, first zero in on the best seasonal habitat. Then check a variety of structure and cover options–points, humps, islands, weeds, wood, rock– until you see fish and determine which is best.


Kicker outboards allow precise speed control for trolling spinners, crankbaits and spoons. Not too slow…not too fast…but just right!


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