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Favorite Ice Fishing Locations

Where’s your favorite place to fish? Many of the ice pros we interviewed love fishing right in their backyards, while others have a few favorite destination locations. You’ll hear answers ranging from Devils Lake and Lake of the Woods, to small farm ponds, to Great Lakes fisheries such as Lake Erie and the Milwaukee Harbor. [Read more…]

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What do the pros do different?

So, what sets the pros apart?   More often than not, it’s something different they’re doing that the weekend anglers aren’t. It’s NOT because they have the fanciest gear or the best contacts. Those things help, but that’s not how they got to where they are today. The tools that are the most integral to [Read more…]

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Staying Warm on the Ice

February 2nd, 1996 saw some of the coldest temperatures on record throughout the state of Minnesota, with air temps in the -30’s F, and windchill values nearly double that mark. Trucks, like mine, needed a jump, town was quiet on account of Gov. Arne Carlson shutting down the state, and people hunkered down to wait [Read more…]

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Ice Rods - Inside Outside

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in fishing — particularly if you want the “best of the best”.   Ice rods are no exception. Every niche angling situation can benefit from different equipment. Conditions can vary dramatically from inside your balmy ice shack to outside in the blustery wind. As a result, you [Read more…]

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Ice Fishing Pet Peeves

“What are your biggest ice fishing pet peeves?”   We knew right away when we asked this question that we opened up a BIG can of worms… We all love ice fishing, but there are just a few things that get on our nerves when we’re out on the hardwater. The two most popular answers, [Read more…]

Walleye Ice Fishing

By Joel Nelson   Of paramount importance to any hobby is knowing what you’re working with.   Just like a golfer doesn’t take a shot without knowing wind speed/direction, distance to the green, or pin location, you’ll probably do a whole lot better at this ice-fishing thing if you know what species just showed up [Read more…]


One of the premiere drive-to fishing destinations in Manitoba, Wekusko Falls Lodge lies in the heart of a legendary Northern Region angling hotspot. Surrounded by spectacular wilderness and numerous bodies of water full of trophy fish, Wekusko is a year-round fishing lodge that offers everything you need for an extraordinary angling experience.   As one [Read more…]

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