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Crappie Jig Trolling

Jig trolling can be an extremely effective way to cover water and fish panfish quickly during the summertime months. In this video, Joel Nelson breaks down his system for catching a bunch of pannies with this tactic.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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Summer Crappie Tips

Each and every spring, crappies seem to occupy the minds of nearly every fisherman in the Midwest. Springtime crappies pile into the shallows with intentions of creating the future generations. These mass schools of fish are followed closely by schools of fishermen with intentions of obtaining a few meals of fish.   As the season [Read more…]


Bluegill fishing has changed over the decades as the body count of big bluegills harvested from Midwestern lakes continues to stack up. Angling pressure is on the rise and our panfish resources can’t keep up today’s sophisticated angler. Understanding how these populations work will help us protect these fish for future generations.     For [Read more…]

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Cool Products – Fishing in Canada

Heading up north of the border for some Canadian fishing? In this video, Troy Lindner breaks down a handful of awesome baits you’ll wanna pick up, as well as some great utility items that will make your trip a lot more enjoyable.   – Northland Reed-Runner Spinnerbait – $2.79 – Storm 360GT Searchbait – $4.99 [Read more…]

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Must-Have Stuff for a Canadian Fishing Trip

Nothing’s worse than forgetting your stuff at home during a big Canadian fishing trip. You can’t beat driving all the way to the border only to realize you forget your passport on the counter at home. Or what about getting dropped off at a remote fly-in lodge and noticing you failed to pack sunscreen, bug [Read more…]

Canadian Fishing Locations

There are hundreds of amazing fishing destinations north of the border in Canada – it can be tough to pick just one. To help narrow down your search, here’s a couple places we visited last year that you’re gonna wanna check out. Whether you’re a walleye fanatic looking for non-stop action, or you want a [Read more…]

Musky Fishing Baits

The problem with muskies is you never quite know what’s going to trip their trigger on any one day. That’s why it pays to have a wide variety of baits in many different categories. In this video, we share a few killer topwater lures, bucktails, swimbaits, and crankbaits, as well as additional musky fishing gear [Read more…]


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