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Photo by Bill Lindner   The onset of warm summer weather heralds not only comfortable temperatures for boaters and outdoor lovers, but a similar burst of activity beneath the waves as fish of all species begin exhibiting traditional summer behavior in earnest.   Walleye   Walleyes set up on midlake structures, where classic livebait rigging [Read more…]

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As water temperatures approach and rise above 60 F, crappies and bluegills sweep out pit-type nests for spawning. In natural lakes, crappies love to spawn in deep reedbeds; areas with dark bottom and thick, tangled overhead cover host some of the biggest fish in the lake. Use polarized sunglasses to peer into the deepest, thickest [Read more…]

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Two location patterns dominate musky fishing in spring. In lakes with cold-water baitfish like ciscoes, muskies often suspend in open water. In waters lacking suspended baitfish, muskies often relate to cover and forage on shallow flats.

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In spring, 95% of the fish population is shallow. Focus on shallow bays and food shelves to quickly locate and catch fish and to evaluate the lake’s potential.

Smooth Moves

Onscreen mapping and side imaging reveal subtle fish attractors along and atop shallow structures. Key walleye spots become obvious once you learn to interpret your electronics.


Changing weather and water conditions may shrink or expand the strike zones of gamefish like smallmouth bass. Match your lures and tactics to the prevailing conditions to maximize fish response.

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