Ice Line

One of things we see far too often is ice fishermen skimping on their line!   At one point or another, you’ve probably heard someone say the classic adage, “Line is the most direct link between you and the fish.” Well, that is very true in many respects.   A spool of line is going [Read more…]

Installing the right hardware converts snowmobiles into efficient ice fishing machines. Carry your rods, buckets, GPS, auger and more, safely and securely, ready to fish when you are.   For more video tips like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Lake Erie "Cigar" Walleye

By Jim Edlund   Lake Erie walleye guide Captain Ross Robertson begins our discussion with an interesting statement: “Chaos causes intervention.”   He’s not talking about drug-addled celebrities or deceitful politicians (although we did discuss the latter)… He’s referring to the ‘chaos’ of the “thousands upon thousands” of small walleyes swimming in Lake Erie right [Read more…]

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Wacky Worm Smallmouth Bass

by Dave Csanda   The first time I saw a wacky worm, I thought, “This is just wrong.” I’ve since learned that sometimes, it can be really, really right. Especially for finicky bass in cold water.   After all, bass fishermen take pride in rigging their Texas-rigged plastic worms by threading the hook point through [Read more…]

Winterizing Outboard Engines and Fuel

As fall deepens, the time draws near to winterize your outboard engine and fuel system. A few simple precautions ensure peak engine performance next spring.

Rumble B

Fall is a great time of year for fishing big minnows. Walleyes are out on the prowl this time of year, looking for a large, juicy meal, and minnows fill that role perfectly. Whether you’re employing big chubs or retails, it’s important that you’re hooking them in a way that isn’t killing the bait. Instead [Read more…]

Why You Need to Be Throwing Paddle Tail Swimbaits Right Now

It’s pretty rare for one particular presentation or family of baits to be extremely effective for several different species of fish during a given period of the year. One of those situations is throwing paddle tail swimbaits during the fall months. It can be absolutely lights out for smallmouth bass, walleyes, northern pike and even [Read more…]

Rumble B

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