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Whether you’re a shore fisherman, a kayak fisherman, or you just like to hop in the boat with your fishing buddies every now and then, it pays to have a simple travel tackle kit with all the essentials ready to go at all times!     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube [Read more…]


If you’re a true outdoorsman, you spend a BUNCH of time in your truck! In this video, we’re going to break down a few different options to help maximize the storage and accessibility of gear in your truck.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


Pulling blades behind bottom bouncers is a slam dunk, bread-and-butter tactic for summertime walleyes. We reached out to Tony Roach, one of the best walleye guides out there, and asked him a few questions about how he approaches bottom bouncing throughout the summer months.   Enjoy!     How do you select bottom bouncer style [Read more…]

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Spring Crappies

Panfish continually rank as one of the most commonly targeted species in the U.S., and in northern waters, their popularity exceeds that of even largemouth and smallmouth bass. If panfish are popular, then crappies are the undisputed heavyweight champion of the group. They have become increasingly sought after nationwide as new people are introduced to [Read more…]


Traditionally, many anglers have been willing to invest in rod technology when it comes to bass, walleyes, musky, really any kind of predator species. For whatever reason, panfish rods haven’t gotten their fair share of interest.   Longer rods, when it comes to panfishing in general, offer some great benefits to the angler. Not only [Read more…]


Your truck is more than just a commuter to get you from here to there. Many of us practically live in our trucks — they help us tow our boats, trailers and gear to the next adventure.   There’s nothing more frustrating than having a messy cab and gear loosely scattered about with nowhere to [Read more…]

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We hear all the time about the “latest and greatest” fishing lures out on the market, but what about the ones that have been catching fish for decades? In this video, we asked the guys what ONE lure have they caught the most fish on over the course of their lifetime. There were many great [Read more…]

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