Lake Vermilion Resorts

On-screen mapping reveals primary walleye-attracting areas. Drive right to high-percentage spots on prominent structures, spending less time hunting for fish, and more time fishing for them!

Travel Manitoba (Square)

Kicker outboards allow precise speed control for trolling spinners, crankbaits and spoons. Not too slow…not too fast…but just right!

Hawk Lake TIle

Transom-mount trolling motors afford the ultimate in precise boat control for deep, vertical tactics like livebait rigging, via instantaneous changes in speed and direction.

SFM AngingBuzz for 060117 315x315

Rapala Scatter Raps feature an evasive hunting action that appeals to trout and other species. Longline trolling Scatter Raps near the surface is ideal during spring when trout and salmon suspend high near the surface.


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