Use this simple procedure to transfer open-water waypoints to your ice fishing electronics, converting them into winter honey holes.


From electric trolling motors to anchoring systems, and onscreen mapping to imaging and sonar, modern electronics help you find big bass fast and maximize angling success.

Sea Foam Rebate

In fall, largemouth bass school heavily along dropoffs to deep water. On-screen mapping and effective boat control enable spot-on-the-spot fishing accuracy.

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Electronics are key to finding active schools of deep-water walleyes. Transom-mount electric trolling motors enable you to hover above fish and make them strike.


When crappies move deep in fall, modern electronics reveal their depth and location. Advanced trolling motors allow you to stay on active schools with ease.


Largemouth and smallmouth bass react to rising water by moving shallower in spring. Follow the fish up into bays and shallow cover to catch them. Try weedless jigs, spinnerbaits and crankbaits to see which works best.

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