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On-screen mapping helps ice anglers quickly zero in on key fishing spots. Sonar then reveals fish depth and position. Which is better: traditional flasher or LCD display? Each offers its own advantages.

Aquatic Invasive Species

Joel Nelson details the importance of target separation on fishing electronics,  revealing fish depth relative to the bottom, plus their reactions to baits or jigging motions.

Smooth Moves

Portable electronics featuring a choice of narrow vs. wide transducer cone angles view different segments of the water column. So does adjustable off-bottom zoom.

Lake Vermilion Resorts

Use this simple procedure to transfer open-water waypoints to your ice fishing electronics, converting them into winter honey holes.


From electric trolling motors to anchoring systems, and onscreen mapping to imaging and sonar, modern electronics help you find big bass fast and maximize angling success.


In fall, largemouth bass school heavily along dropoffs to deep water. On-screen mapping and effective boat control enable spot-on-the-spot fishing accuracy.

Rumble B

Electronics are key to finding active schools of deep-water walleyes. Transom-mount electric trolling motors enable you to hover above fish and make them strike.


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