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Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell explains how he uses side scanning technology to find walleye hotspots in river fishing situations.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Hawk Lake TIle
Bluegill Ice Fishing

There’s a LONG list of benefits to using an underwater camera for bluegills and other panfish in shallow water conditions. In this video, veteran ice fishing guide Brian Brosdahl shares some tips for using cameras more efficiently through the ice. Once you understand a few basic strategies for using these tools, you’ll never go back! [Read more…]

Travel Manitoba
Walleye Ice Fishing

By Joel Nelson   Of paramount importance to any hobby is knowing what you’re working with.   Just like a golfer doesn’t take a shot without knowing wind speed/direction, distance to the green, or pin location, you’ll probably do a whole lot better at this ice-fishing thing if you know what species just showed up [Read more…]

Ice Sonar Tips

By Joel Nelson   From the day you get your first flasher, the ice-fishing universe is forever changed.   I was 10 years old, the year was 1989, and for 25 bucks I got my grandpa’s old Lowrance 2330 which he had since given up on figuring out. It was fairly simple to operate, and [Read more…]

Hardwater Largemouth — Tools & Tactics for Success

Very few ice fishermen target largemouth bass during the winter months, but they are actually quite catchable despite their limited popularity. The key to having success chasing largies is to find the correct habitat in a lake that’s home to a bunch of bass. There are a number of tools that will make the process [Read more…]

Rumble B
Land More Fish

If you’re anything like us, you’ve watched hundreds of videos about how to find and catch fish. Fishing isn’t easy, and we’re always trying to put the odds in our favor.   Step #1 is finding the fish (location). Step #2 is getting them to bite (presentation). Step #3 is often overlooked. It’s getting the [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species
It's All About Location, Location, Location! (For Catching Fish)

Location, location, location.   It could be argued that finding the fish is the most significant piece of the puzzle.   Yes, it’s pretty hard to catch ‘em if they’re not there.   Good thing we’re living in the year 2017, and have some pretty amazing tools at our disposal to find fish faster than [Read more…]

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