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Northland Fishing Tackle Walleye

If you’re serious about getting bit, you want to use the best lures you can.   It’s always smart to stick to proven companies that consistently produce solid fish-catching baits. A great example is Northland Fishing Tackle. They are located right in the heart of Minnesota and have been producing high quality lures for north [Read more…]

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Cool Products That Have Revolutionized Fishing

This week, we’re looking at a few products that have revolutionized fishing. Many of these categories have changed the game over the years from underwater cameras and braided superlines to lipless crankbaits and fillet knives.   – Aqua-Vu HD 700i – $699.99 – Bagley Rattlin’ B – $5.99 – Rapala Rippin’ Rap – $6.19 – [Read more…]

Why Your Jerkbaits Should Be Bright and Have a Feathered Treble

Most of the top anglers will tell you that “color” is one of the last things they consider when they are choosing a lure — focusing on things like action, speed and depth range instead. While we aren’t arguing against that approach, you can’t ignore color altogether because it can make a big difference in [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm

One of the big trends in ice fishing right now is using bigger baits and fishing faster. As a result, lipless crankbaits have exploded in popularity for both walleyes and panfish in recent years. So, what’s the next logical step in this progression? Some would argue it’s the use of billed crankbaits through the ice. [Read more…]

Ice Flasher Wars

Sonar units are must-have technology if you want to fish quickly and efficiently on the ice. The ability to see what’s directly below your hole gives you huge advantage against anglers who are fishing blind. One big challenge many ice fishermen face is deciding which flasher or combo unit is right for them. There are [Read more…]


Electronics have revolutionized fishing in so many ways, and ice fishing is no exception. It wasn’t that long ago when we were using landmarks on shore to lineup spots, then drilling dozens of holes to find that “spot on the spot”. It was a lot of work! Today, we have access to a whole host [Read more…]

Rumble B
Why You Need to Be Throwing Paddle Tail Swimbaits Right Now

It’s pretty rare for one particular presentation or family of baits to be extremely effective for several different species of fish during a given period of the year. One of those situations is throwing paddle tail swimbaits during the fall months. It can be absolutely lights out for smallmouth bass, walleyes, northern pike and even [Read more…]

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