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Troy Lindner shares a handful of different products you might find useful if spend a bunch of time on the water. Naturally, you need your standard tackle items: rods, reels, jigs, hardbaits, terminal tackle. But it’s also nice to have some of the accessories: coolers, backup cameras, mounting systems, etc.   Tackle   – VMC [Read more…]


This week’s theme on AnglingBuzz is “River Fishing”, so here are a few products that will help you catch more fish and enjoy your time out on the river this summer:   Lures   – Storm Arashi Cover Pop – $7.99 – Storm 360GT Searchbait – $4.89 – Rapala BX Brat – $7.89 – Bagley [Read more…]

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If you’re a true Traveling Angler, you need to rigged up for EVERY situation, whether it’s hot bite, or a sticky situation. Here’s a few fishing lures and terminal travel gear that will help keep your fishing trip running smoothly:   Travel Gear   – Red Rock Backpack – $29.99 – Ugly Stick Tackle Bag [Read more…]

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No matter what fishing condition you’re faced with, you need a wide variety of fishing lures and presentation options as possible to adjust to different scenarios. Sometimes the fish want something slow and methodical, and other times they want a fast lures burned past their face.   Lures   – YUM Break’n Shad – $2.89 [Read more…]

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Musky fishing is the fastest growing segment of the fishing community, and for good reason. Very few fish in freshwater can match adrenaline-pumping excitement you feel when you’re hooked up with a musky. It’s a fish that appeals to the younger generations, and as a result, it’s bringing many new fishermen into the sport. Here’s [Read more…]


We all love catching a bunch of fish, and sometimes the best way to do that is by trolling. The only problem is sometimes pulling rigs and cranks can become somewhat complex. There several variables and so many moving parts. In this Cool Products segment, we’re going to breakdown what you’ll want on the “gear” [Read more…]

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Everyone loves talking-up fishing on rural “Up North” lakes, and for good reason, but there can be fabulous fishing right in the Metro. If you live in a large population hub, here are a few items you should have for catching fish right in town:   Tackle   – Bagley Pro Sunny B – $8.89 [Read more…]

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