Cool Products

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Cool Products

No doubt about it, we all love catching big, trophy-sized fish. That said, it’s important to be rigged up with the right gear for the job. Depending on the conditions, you might be using big crankbaits for a variety of species or smaller jigs for walleye fishing. It’s also important to have the right tools [Read more…]

Cool Products

We’re entering into the early summer period right now. Crankbaits are still effective, the spinner rig bite is starting up, there’s a lot of fun option available to anglers. Here are a few products we’d recommend picking up that we know are working great right now in our region:   Crankbaits   – Rapala DT [Read more…]

Cool Products for Finding Fish

Finding fish is EXTREMELY important. It’s probably the single most important factor that impacts your success out on the water. Here are a few select items that will help you find more fish, and find them faster:   – Humminbird Helix 7 (G2) – $479.99 – Lakemaster Smartstrike Cards – $199.99 – Excel-Outdoors Sportsmans Board [Read more…]

Cool Products for Summer Fishing Success

Can you believe we’re already starting to think about summertime fishing? Here are a few products we think you should be stocking up on in anticipation of summertime fishing. It’s June and the fish are biting!   – Northland Impulse Fatty Tube – $3.99 – YUM Tube – $3.39 – VMC Finesse Half Moon Jig [Read more…]

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Top Search Bait Options for Finding Spring Fish

It’s tough to find fish schooled up heavily this time of year, as most fish are in the post-spawn pattern, heading out to their early summer areas. Now more than ever, it’s important to use presentations that can be fished fast and can cover water quickly. These are a few of our favorite options for [Read more…]

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Cool Products for Spring Crappie Fishing

Springtime crappie fishing can be a load of fun, but it’s important to be rigged up with the right gear to maximize your time out on the water. Here are a few of our recommendations for your next crappie trip this spring:   – Southern Pro Tackle Crappie Assortment – $13.99 – Mister Twister 2” [Read more…]

Cool Products for Spring Walleye Fishing Success

This week, we’re looking at some great products that will help you enjoy your time out on the water this spring chasing walleyes. From lures, to bait management systems, to the cooking equipment, you need to be prepared for everything!   – Rapala Jigging Rap – $6.19 – Northland Puppet Minnow – $5.19 – Moonshine [Read more…]

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