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Everyone loves talking-up fishing on rural “Up North” lakes, and for good reason, but there can be fabulous fishing right in the Metro. If you live in a large population hub, here are a few items you should have for catching fish right in town:   Tackle   – Bagley Pro Sunny B – $8.89 [Read more…]

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If your goal is to catch some fish for the pan, it pays to gear up with the right equipment to get the most out of your meat. Here are a few of our recommendations for catching and cooking fish:   Catching Gear   – Salmo Hornet – $7.89 – Northland Butterfly Blade Rig – [Read more…]

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There’s a reason why folks love chasing smallmouth bass: they fight hard and they’re fun to catch! These are a few of our favorite picks for catching smallies from rod, reel and line to plastics, hardbaits and jigs!   Jigs & Plastics   – Yamamoto Senkos – $6.89 – YUM Dingers – $2.89 – Northland [Read more…]


Your truck is more than just a commuter to get you from here to there. Many of us practically live in our trucks. They help us pull our boats, trailers and gear to the next adventure. The things you haul are just as important as the truck holding it, whether it’s your gear, pets or [Read more…]


The biggest key to finding fish is covering water quickly, yet effectively. One of the most difficult part about fishing is knowing when to fish fast and look for fish, and when to slow down to “tempt” bites. These lures and other products will help you cover the gamut and find fish faster.   Jig [Read more…]

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Now is PRIMETIME for panfishing in the Upper Midwest. Most folks are focusing their attention on walleyes, bass, pike, etc., but this is when the panfish bite really starts to turn up. While springtime crappies and sunfish aren’t terribly difficult to catch, it pays to have a diverse arsenal for different fishing conditions.   Panfish [Read more…]

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It’s spring of the year and fish are heading up into the shallows to gorge on bait and “do their deal”. This provides an excellent opportunity for multi-species anglers to capitalize on a flurry of different bites, using shallow water presentations to cover water quickly and trigger vicious bites.   Lures   – Rapala Original [Read more…]

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