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Tackle Organization

Want to catch more fish?   Location and presentation are two big keys to the puzzle, but one factor that is often overlooked is efficiency. The more your line is in the water, the more fish you’re going to catch.   One of the biggest ways to boost your efficiency out on the water is [Read more…]

A Simple Trick for Choosing the Right Color Rig

Choosing the right lure color can be such a tricky proposition. Color might not be the #1 factor in determining whether or not you’re going to catch fish, but it certainly can make a difference in some situations. Here’s how top walleye guide Charlie Nelson (Nelson’s Guide & Charter Service) narrows down his color choice [Read more…]

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Cool Products

No doubt about it, we all love catching big, trophy-sized fish. That said, it’s important to be rigged up with the right gear for the job. Depending on the conditions, you might be using big crankbaits for a variety of species or smaller jigs for walleye fishing. It’s also important to have the right tools [Read more…]

Trophy Fishing Destinations

No matter what species you chase, everyone loves catching big fish!   There’s a reason why we post pictures on social media and hang mounted fish on our walls. We love the trophies, whether it’s a 10 pound walleye, big bronzeback, torpedo musky, or even a massive catfish.   The most important ingredient in the [Read more…]

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Fish Photography 101 - Tips for Better Fishing Pictures

Fish Photography 101   You FINALLY landed that big ‘ole trophy fish, now it’s time to take a killer photo.   Nothing is worst than landing the fish of a lifetime, only to remember it by a brutal, low quality shot.   First off, we need to get things setup, so make sure your fish [Read more…]

Lake Vermilion Resorts
Trophy Fish

Summer’s here and with it, great fishing opportunities for numbers and trophy fish.   The concentration of spawning fish has now dispersed, bait has hatched, and fish have begun to congregate near predictable summer spots. As a general seasonal indicator, seems like by the Fourth of July, every species in our region goes on the [Read more…]

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Bottom Bouncers

Bottom bouncers can be an extremely effective tool for catching walleyes during the summer months. They keep your bait in the strike zone and allow you to fish through potentially troublesome areas quickly and efficiently. In the video above, Eric Naig breaks down some bottom bouncin’ basics that you can use in the months ahead [Read more…]


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