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Prespawn Crappies

As spring water temperatures rise, crappies shift location from the mouths of bays, to cover on flats, to the shallows. Early on, it’s all about feeding and water temperature, not spawning.

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Night Walleyes Shore

By: Greg Bohn, “Mr. Slip Bobber”   When I was a youngster I spent a lot of time growing up in the Northwoods, I often hoped n my bike to ride to a lake to fish from shore during the day. When you’re eight years old, pretty much everything you caught you kept from panfish [Read more…]

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Spawning Walleyes--Up Close and Personal

Award-winning photographer Bill Lindner captured this intimate footage of walleyes immersed in the spawning process. Most of the footage was captured on an Aqua-Vu HD camera.

Lake Winnie

Manitoba is host to a wide array of incredible angling opportunities, however we are probably best known for our trophy greenback walleye on Lake Winnipeg and arguably the greatest sport fishery on the planet with our world class channel catfish on the mighty Red River.   Sure it’s the greatest channel catfish fishery, but the [Read more…]

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The Best Rod, Reel & Line for Jerkbait Fishing

The spinning reel vs. baitcaster debate has raged on for years and years. Some presentations have obvious answers: dropshots require spinning equipment, deep crankbaits require baitcasting gear.   Other presentations aren’t nearly as cut-and-dry, coming down to the personal preference of the fisherman. One of the most hotly contested areas of this debate is jerkbait [Read more…]

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Giant Lake Oahe Northern Pike Shore Fishing

by Dave Csanda   During the spring, spawned-out pike like to linger in and around the back ends of active creek arms, where the water tends to be a little warmer than elsewhere. These are often the same areas where pike spawned as the ice was going out, so there are plenty of fish in [Read more…]

Why Your Jerkbaits Should Be Bright and Have a Feathered Treble

Most of the top anglers will tell you that “color” is one of the last things they consider when they are choosing a lure — focusing on things like action, speed and depth range instead. While we aren’t arguing against that approach, you can’t ignore color altogether because it can make a big difference in [Read more…]

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