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Bottom Bouncing Walleyes

Pulling blades behind bottom bouncers is a slam dunk, bread-and-butter tactic for summertime walleyes. We reached out to Tony Roach, one of the best walleye guides out there, and asked him a few questions about how he approaches bottom bouncing throughout the summer months.   Enjoy!     How do you select bottom bouncer style [Read more…]

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Metro Fishing Gear

Everyone loves talking-up fishing on rural “Up North” lakes, and for good reason, but there can be fabulous fishing right in the Metro. If you live in a large population hub, here are a few items you should have for catching fish right in town:   Tackle   – Bagley Pro Sunny B – $8.89 [Read more…]

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Shore Fishing

Over the years, I’ve caught some really great fish from shore. We’re talking giant beasts on saltwater beaches, to freshwater beauties in lakes and rivers. No boat, no problem, as I try and keep one or two rods in my truck at all times…just in case.   Finding good spots from the bank requires a [Read more…]

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Big Cities with AMAZING Fishing

It’s actually quite amazing how good metro fishing can be!   Sure, there’s traffic to deal with both on and off the water, but the fishing itself can be well worth the effort. In fact, we’re going to highlight a few marque fishing cities that are well worth hassle and price of admission.     [Read more…]

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Bluegill Fishing Tips

By: Joel Nelson   If crappies kick off the spring season, then bluegills certainly endcap it and extend the popularity of panfishing well into the summer months. Their sheer abundance and position towards the relative bottom of the gamefish food chain makes them readily available to most anglers in almost all portions of the U.S. [Read more…]

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Giant Bluegill Fishing

Nick Lindner recently got out on a public lake with Joel Nelson & Brandon Eder targeting BIG BLUEGILLS. It was a simple tube jig and bobber bite in the reeds on an overcast day…and the fish were hungry!     For more videos like this, Subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Catch & Cooking Fish + Selective Harvest

Angling has long been a means to gather food. Fish are highly prized because their simply good to eat. You name it: smoked, fried, baked, blackened, broiled or grilled, fish are delicious.   Recently, we’ve seen regulations for reduced limits and protected slots, and for good reason; anglers now are better than ever at finding [Read more…]


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