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Moon Phases - Ice Fishing

Do moon phases matter for ice fishing? There’s a lot to wrap your head around on this topic: full moon, new moon, moon rise, moon set, moon overhead, moon underfoot. Musky anglers follow these phases religiously, but do they impact the ice bite?   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl – Jason Mitchell – [Read more…]

Off Shore
Rigging Fishing Snowmobile

Mobility is critical when you’re on the ice. Fishing with snowmobiles is the fastest and most efficient way to move around on a frozen lake, and if rigged correctly, they can be true fishing machines. In this video, Jason Aleshire breaks down how he rigged his snowmobile with a Humminbird GPS unit, rod holders, safety [Read more…]

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Manitoba Fishing

Finding the perfect family fishing vacation in Canada is something that a lot of anglers, fishing families and curious travels annually seek. Shining Falls Lodge, located in the Eastern Region of Manitoba, is a convenient fly-in fishing destination that caters to families and individuals looking to spend some quality time on the water and in [Read more…]

Lake Vermilion Resorts
New Ice Anglers

Without proper direction, new ice anglers will spend a lot of time “spinning their wheels” in pursuit of hardwater success. Time on the water is precious, don’t waste it without first trying to learn from other people’s mistakes. This video will give you a few pointers for starting out, but more importantly, find a mentor [Read more…]

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Underwater Tip-Up Fishing

Mike Hehner and Bill Lindner were utilizing Aqua-Vu underwater cameras while setting their tip-ups in a mid-depth weed bed, when a school of anxious largemouth bass bust onto the scene.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Clear vs Dirty Water

Your strategy could change dramatically when your fishing in dark, dirty water vs. clear bodies of water. Fish are masters of their environment and will rely on different senses depending on various environmental factors; water clarity being a HUGE one.   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl – Jason Mitchell – Tony Roach [Read more…]

Walleye Deadstick

Tip-ups and deadsticks become a necessity when targeting walleye on large pieces of structure. Not only are you doubling your chances of putting a bait in front of a fish, but you’re also giving them a good reason to stick around. In this video, veteran fishing guide Brad Hawthorne shares some sweet tips for utilizing [Read more…]

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