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Rall Rate Jigs Walleye

A common mistake many anglers make is fishing with jigs that are either too heavy or too light. Joel Nelson explains why “fall rate” is a critical aspect of your presentation and how it can impact your ability to put fish in the boat.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube [Read more…]

Spinner Rigging Weeds

Some of the best untapped walleye fishing happens in the weeds because most folks wanna “mark em” and are too afraid to roll up their sleeves and tackle the green stuff. In this video, Tom Neustrom breaks down a simple tactic for catching more summertime walleye in the weeds.     For more videos like [Read more…]

Blackfish Box
St. Croix Rods Code

Making sure you’re geared up with the right rod for the presentation can make a huge difference in how you perform on the water. Joel Nelson shares a quick hack that can help less experienced anglers find the perfect rod (length/power/action) for any technique you want to try.     For more videos like this, [Read more…]

Northland Long Shank Fire-Ball Jig

Northland’s Fire-Ball jig has dominated the walleye world since it’s introduction and has won more money than any other lure on the big tournament trails. Now the short shanked walleye slayer is available in a long shank – perfect for rippin’ plastics or pitchin’ minnows. Brad Hawthorne shares his thoughts on the new jig.   [Read more…]

Explore Alexandria

The majority of the young crowd probably doesn’t even know about the old-timey tactic known as backreeling. In this video, Joel Nelson explains the process and makes a case for it’s application in today’s angling.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Manitoba Lake Trout

Some folks enjoy the fully guided experience, others love making their own adventure on a north country lake. In this video, Jay Siemens takes his dad on a DIY laker/pike trip to Kamuchawie Lake Outpost via Laurie River Lodge in northern Manitoba. They boat some nice pike and some truly MONSTROUS lakers.

Walleye Crankbait Night vs Day

Well-known crank-pullin’ walleye slayer Brad Hawthorne shares his thoughts on crankbait color selection – daytime vs. nighttime.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


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