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Jigging Rap Walleye

Jigging Raps are straight-up walleye killers all season long. That’s not exactly a BOLD statement in 2019, but the vast majority of walleye anglers still haven’t tried ’em for whatever reason. In this video, Minnesota guide Brad Hawthorne shares everything you need to know to put those jumpy, darty Jigging Raps to use for big [Read more…]

Viking Lodge Manitoba

The Cranberry Chain of Lakes is an under-appreciated hotspot for walleye, northern pike and laker fishing action. Located in northern Manitoba, Viking Lodge is a go-to drive-to option for one of the best walleye bites in Manitoba.

Jig Fishing Walleye

No doubt, jig fishing is one of the most popular tactics for catching walleye all year round. You can’t understate the versatility of jigs in varying environments. You can cast ’em, troll ’em, fish ’em vertically – rig ’em up with plastics, minnows, crawlers, leeches. They should be a staple in every walleye fisherman’s arsenal. [Read more…]

Smallmouth Bass Lures

What’s the best solution for catching tight-lipped smallmouth bass? Minnesota guide Brad Hawthorne harkens back to their favorite treat: a nice, juicy leech. In this video, he shares his three favorite leech imitating jigs/plastics you need to try next time you’re chasing bronzebacks.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Rip Jigging Walleye Al Lindner

This video breaks down everything you need to know to catch walleyes rip jigging. Al Lindner is arguably the best practitioner of this tactic in North America, so you can trust this info will be top notch!

Lake Vermilion Resorts
Best Walleye Rod for $100

When a fishing rod says “Bass X” on the blank, you’re generally not thinking about it’s walleye fishing applications – but Joel Nelson most certainly is! The BXS68MXF and the BXS610MLXF from St. Croix have all the characteristics you’re looking for in a really nice walleye stick for a reasonable $100.     For more [Read more…]

Hawk Lake TIle
Fishing Community Holes

You can’t rely on monkey-see-monkey-do tactics if you want to consistently out-catch the field on your favorite community holes. In this video, guide Brad Hawthorne shares a few of his favorite strategies for putting more walleyes in the boat when you’re on crowded fishing spots.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our [Read more…]


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