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We all love hole hopping and moving around, but sometimes that’s just not possible. In this video, Tony Mariotti and Nick Lindner sit down and discuss a few ways you can catch more fishing when lake conditions are a mess and moving around isn’t easy.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our [Read more…]

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What is the best ice fishing line for walleye? Lots of different options and directions you could go on this one. Straight monofilament, straight fluorocarbon, braided line with a fluoro leader, mono line with a fluoro leader, braided line with a mono leader. I’m sure I’m missing something….   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl [Read more…]


Muskies are soundly at the top of almost every food chain they inhabit. They are eating machines and grow to impressive sizes. That being said, most top anglers and fisheries biologists don’t believe they have a negative impact on walleye populations. In fact, many believe they actually help.   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl [Read more…]


When it comes to drive-to lake trout fisheries, Manitoba’s Northern Region could arguably be the most convenient choice for a mega lake trout bite. Home to Kenanow Lodge, Kississing Lake has enjoyed a popular status for its resident lakers, offering visiting anglers multi-season hook ups with their monstrous, dark-back and orange-finned eating machines. But it [Read more…]

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The spinning vs. in-line reel debate has really heated up in recent years with more and better in-lines hitting the market. While spinning reels are further along in their evolution, in-lines provide their own advantages in certain applications. That said, the jury is still split on this one….   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl [Read more…]

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Rob Drieslein, Managing Editor at Outdoor News, shares the latest regulation changes on the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:


Hub houses and flip-over style shacks both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages – costs, mobility, fishing area, storage size, etc.   Dave Genz – Brian Brosdahl – Jason Mitchell – Tony Roach – Joel Nelson – Brad Hawthorne – Tom Neustrom – Gary Parsons – [Read more…]

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