Jeff Evans

It’s hard to beat the St. Louis River walleye bite this time of year when it’s right. After a couple of “off” years, it seems to be right again. I was back there on Monday. Bill Noreus (Zachary, LA) and Fred Power (Tampa, FL) returned for their annual trip and brought along a new partner [Read more…]

Jarek Wujkowski

The exciting season on Vermilion just keeps continuing to produce! Nothing beats seeing anglers, novice or seasoned, catching big fish and fueling the passion.     Walleye   Fishing has certainly not been immune to day-to-day bug hatches. Keep an eye out for this and recognizing feeding patterns will become much easier. At this time [Read more…]

Off Shore Tackle Tile
Weed Walleyes in Summer

By Jim Edlund & AnglingBuzz staff   Historically, summer walleyes have been pigeon-holed as deep-water fish, the majority of anglers fishing the first major break line and deeper.   Big mistake.   Fact is, walleyes can be found shallow (15 feet and under) much of the summer – typically in or around vegetation on lakes, [Read more…]

Off Shore Tackle Tile
Gary Engberg

Gary Engberg (Gary Engberg Outdoors) shares the latest fishing report from the Wisconsin River in southern Wisconsin for mid June.

Travel Manitoba
Cool Products for River Fishing

The one primary differentiating factor between lakes and rivers is, you guessed it, current. For that reason alone, river fishing requires a completely different arsenal of gear. While some products work everywhere, some are built specifically for efficiency in various strengths of current. Here are a few of our favorite products for fishing in river [Read more…]

Rumble B
Midwest River Fishing

Rivers are the lifeblood of our nation, from drinking water and irrigation to transportation and electric power, but it also plays a massive part in recreation — including fishing!   No matter where you live, there’s likely good, fishable rivers just a short drive away. And one of the best things about rivers is their [Read more…]

Drone Musky

If you shoot a lot of video, everyone once in a while you’re going to run into something special. Doug Wegner and Jace Loge recently captured a musky shot unlike any other we’ve seen before. The video above shows a musky striking a bucktail on a figure-8 … from a DRONE! We watch a LOT [Read more…]


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