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Manitoba Walleye

Manitoba is famous for having a plethora of world class walleye waters throughout every corner of the province. So when we say that Lake of the Prairies is in the top tier of destinations to hit that is definitely saying a lot. Walleye enthusiasts ranging from trophy hunters to those searching for steady action for [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm
Manitoba Walleye Destinations

Manitoba is stacked with endless lakes and rivers to target walleye.   Anglers can choose to hit a variety of drive-to destinations, ranging from our inland oceans down to small out-of-the-way feeder creeks, and still count on getting bit. At no time is this most true than in the early part of the open water [Read more…]


Your fishing gear has been meticulously cleaned and organized for weeks now. No doubt you have equipped yourself with a handful of new and exciting lures and are fully re-stocked with your proven go-to tackle. Biding your time browsing endless articles and binge watching fishing videos is barely doing just enough to keep you from [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species
Manitoba Rainbow Trout

The months of March and April can often present opportunities to experience the best of ice fishing. Manitoba’s Northern Region is a prime example of those “best of” opportunities, offering a diverse selection of premier fisheries, and an extended angling season to pursue a variety of sought after species.   When it comes to stocked [Read more…]

Jumbo Perch in Manitoba

Admired by a myriad of avid anglers, Manitoba’s yellow perch has been considered one of the most valued species and a significant contributor too many memorable maiden angling experiences. Like its close cousin, the walleye, the perch offers equivalent eating qualities that are only enhanced by their abounding population and generous limits.   Combine their [Read more…]

Smooth Moves
Manitoba Pike

VIDEO BELOW   Catching giant northern pike on tip-ups is one of the most exciting ice fishing experiences available. It can offer an addictive combination of visual intensity, constant action, and the anticipation of hand setting a hook on a fish of a lifetime.   Finding active feeding areas, positioning fresh bait in the right [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm

Aaron Wiebe shows off a massive “Greenback” walleye caught on the Red River with a rattle bait. Greenback walleyes grow extremely large and are unique to Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg and it’s tributaries.   For more information on fishing in Manitoba, visit


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