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Q Lake Lodge

Q Lake Lodge is an exclusive drive-to fishing destination with qualities that would easily compare to a secluded fly-in. Located just inside Manitoba’s Nopiming Provincial Park, Q Lake boasts a chain of three outstanding lakes that are scenic, remote, and notorious for their trophy walleye, giant smallmouth bass, and northern pike populations.   The lodge’s [Read more…]

Off Shore Tackle Tile
Trail End Camp & Outfitters

Manitoba’s Winnipeg River is a legendary waterbody, and arguably one of the most popular drive-to fishing options within the province. Trail End Camp and Outfitters is a name synonymous with those popular fishing options, offering a location that is unbelievably convenient and directly accessible to the river’s uncountable angling hot spots. Situated only 2 hours [Read more…]

Jackson's Lodge & Outposts

With a total of twenty different fly-in fishing locations, Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts operate many of the most sought-after angling destinations within Manitoba. Whether you prefer the full service benefits of a deluxe outpost or seek ultimate seclusion by camping at a remote boat cache, all means of fly-in fishing preferences are possible with Jackson’s. [Read more…]

Big Sand Lake Lodge

Big Sand Lake Lodge is commonly branded as one of the premiere fly-in fishing destinations in Manitoba’s Northern Region. Their solitary location, sizeable main lake, and multi species fisheries have equally contributed to their prolonged standing in the trophy fishing world.   Along with their acclaimed angling opportunities, the lodge has owned a rich history [Read more…]

Mills Fleet Farm
Winnipeg River

Located deep in the most secluded reaches of Manitoba’s mighty Winnipeg River, Eagle Nest Lodge is an extraordinary wilderness getaway within the boundaries of Whiteshell Provincial Park. Whether you fly-in direct or venture on a scenic 27 mile boat ride upriver to the island resort, outstanding fishing and first-class hospitality conveniently awaits.   Eagle Nest [Read more…]

Bolton Lake

Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts is a classic fly-in fishing destination that has owned a reputation for producing exceptional angling opportunities. Established in the isolated wilderness of the Northern Manitoba, Bolton Lake Lodge is a conveniently remote operation amid a variety of productive waterways.   From their well-known main lake fishery to their exclusive fly-out [Read more…]

Aikens Lodge

Established as one of the top fly-in fishing lodges in Manitoba, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has a rich and deeply rooted history. Developed in 1949, Aikens sits within the boundaries of Atikaki Provincial Park and amongst the wild expanses of Manitoba’s Eastern Region. Their long-standing dedication to providing a unique and luxurious angling experience set [Read more…]

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