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The past week to 10 days have produced some very good fishing even though the water temperatures are as warm as I have seen them in years. This past week end we had a surface temperature or 76 degrees and 90 foot down it was still 75 degrees. With this warm water, the salmon run [Read more…]

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Lake Michigan Fishing Report

The fishing out of Holland continues to very good with limit or near limit catches daily. The creel numbers and species change daily, however the lake trout continue to make up 60 to 80% of the creel with the rest being chinook and coho salmon and steelhead. Once again the kings are weighing 15 to [Read more…]

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Lake Mich Fish

Another fantastic week of fishing with creel numbers ranging from 11 to 22 fish. The creel continues to be dominated by lake trout, however there are 4 to 6 salmon in each days catch. Many of the king salmon are pushing or exceeding 20 pounds and the coho are pushing 12 pounds. Early in the [Read more…]

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A great week of fishing out of Holland and Saugatuck. Creels numbers ran from 10 to 20 fish consisting of 70% lake trout and 30% king salmon, coho and steelhead. The kings are weighing in from mid teens to the mid 20 pounds. Although there we are not catching large numbers of salmon, they are [Read more…]


What a great week of fishing off of Holland and Saugatuck. The creels ranged from 10 to 20 fish per trip with lake trout exceeding 20 pounds and Chinook reaching the mid 20 pound range. In addition to the Chinook salmon and lake trout there were steelhead up to 12 pounds and coho pushing 10 [Read more…]


What an interesting week this has been. Though out the week, when we left the dock we never knew what the day would produce. We started the week like we ended last week with 90% of the creel consisting of lake trout and the remaining 10% being steelhead and kings. By Wednesday the creels consisted [Read more…]


The kings started to show up in the creels more frequently this past week. We caught kings that weighed 18 to 21 pounds and in addition some of the lake trout exceeded this (there was a trout that pushed 30 pounds). The creels are still predominated by the lake trout however there are some steelhead [Read more…]

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