Larry Smith

Larry-Smith with a Devils Lake walleye

I’m Larry Smith. For the past 27 years, I have lived the outdoors. I have been truly blessed to have been given the ability to turn my passion into my profession. I never thought it would have been possible to provide for my family through fishing, but a strong work ethic impressed upon me by my father, a devotion to my wife and four children, and an unusual drive to Smith Family geese Oct ’13 succeed have made Larry Smith Outdoors what it is today.

Guiding at an average of 330 days a year, along with 14 years of tournament experience, I have sharpened my skills as a fisherman to a razor-sharp edge. I have seen almost every imaginable situation; from navigating through the highest of waves, to breaking 2-inch-thick ice for miles on a river just to get to the prime spots.

It’s my willingness to give that little bit extra that changes a regular day of fishing into a unique experience that you’ll remember for years. I’m very excited about our latest project at Larry Smith Outdoors: Television. Over the years, I have filmed with almost every television professional in the outdoor industry. It’s now time for me to bring you the outdoors “Larry Smith” style! First and foremost, we want to have FUN! If the outdoors weren’t fun, why would we be out there doing anything?

We also want to heavily promote the conservation of our resources. Big fish are the stuff of dreams, and they need our protection so others can catch them and feel the excitement all of us have felt when holding up that trophy. This is especially true for kids, which brings me to the most important aspect of Larry Smith kids deer ’13Smith Outdoors TV: We want to get more kids involved in outdoor activities. I don’t believe there is anything healthier for a child than to get outside, breathe the fresh air, and explore the wonders of nature. I want to pass down my passion, my conservation ethics, and my skills to the kids; to ensure that the love I have for the outdoors will continue long into the future.

Thanks to all that have enjoyed the outdoors with me, and I hope you enjoy the show!

– Larry Smith


Phone: 920-361-4996


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