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Kevan Paul talks about using panfish-style jigs for catching negative walleye. It’s an under-looked strategy that flat-out catches fish when other presentation don’t cut it. The key to choose the right jig is having a large enough hook to hook and handle walleyes, which is why the Clam Drop Jig XL has been the go-to [Read more…]

Lake Vermilion Resorts

Kevan Paul (Clear Lake Bait & Tackle) shares the fishing report from Clear Lake, Iowa for early May.

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One of the big benefits of using spoons for panfish is that you’re typically going to catch some of the largest crappies, gills and perch in the area. Fishing higher in the water column is a big key to making this presentation work.   In the video above, Kevan Paul is fishing an 8 foot [Read more…]

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