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Jig trolling can be an extremely effective way to cover water and fish panfish quickly during the summertime months. In this video, Joel Nelson breaks down his system for catching a bunch of pannies with this tactic.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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This week on AnglingBuzz TV, we’re talking about one of the most popular fish in freshwater – the panfish! Our guest host Joel Nelson is an avid fan of chasin’ down big pannies all season long, and he’s got some awesome insight to share!     Never miss an episode of AnglingBuzz TV, Subscribe to [Read more…]

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St. Croix Rods has a simple code on every rod that helps you quickly identify the model, length, power and action of the rod. This makes it easy to identify exactly what you’re fishing with, whether you’re using one of your buddy’s sticks or you’re looking at options at the store. In this video, Joel [Read more…]


Water clarity and sunlight can have a dramatic impact on what presentations and colors walleye are likely to feed on. In this video, Joel Nelson breaks down when and where he uses various jig colors when he’s chasing walleye depending on the current conditions.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube [Read more…]

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Today’s lake maps are pretty darn accurate, but for as good as they are, they still miss some key contours. Sometimes, these under-mapped areas are the best places to find hidden hotspots that most folks are missing. In this video, Joel Nelson reveals what kind of irregularities you should be looking for to discover key [Read more…]


Fishing gear isn’t cheap, and rods are no exception. Sure, you can get some cheap stuff in the $20-50 range, but you can also spend north of $500 on a high-end fish catchin’ stick. How much you decide to spend will depend on your individual budget, but you should also consider which presentation you’ll be [Read more…]


Every lures has it’s time and place, and the deeper your arsenal of presentations, the more versatile you can be as a fisherman. In this video, Joel Nelson explains where and how he uses a number of walleye fishing lures including:   0:22 – Jigging Raps 0:50 – Casting Crankbaits 1:32 – Trolling Crankbaits 2:22 [Read more…]


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