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A lot of walleye fishermen are conditioned to thinking of walleyes as a structural species that maybe only hangs out on rock piles, mud breaks, inside turns, those kinds of things. But what happens when walleyes move out to open basins?   A lot of folks have a difficult time finding and catching basin walleyes, [Read more…]

Aquatic Invasive Species

Tungsten lures have changed the way ice anglers approach hardwater fishing in MANY ways. Some of those changes are pretty obvious, while others are more subtle. The most popular thing you’ll hear people talk about is lure size. Tungsten is incredibly dense, which means angler can fish smaller profile baits without sacrificing weight.   This [Read more…]

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Joel Nelson details the importance of target separation on fishing electronics,  revealing fish depth relative to the bottom, plus their reactions to baits or jigging motions.

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Panfish expert Joel Nelson details the use of heavy tungsten jigging lures for deep-water crappies vs. lighter, hackled fly jigs for tempting shallow, fussy bluegills.


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