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Night Walleyes Shore

By: Greg Bohn, “Mr. Slip Bobber”   When I was a youngster I spent a lot of time growing up in the Northwoods, I often hoped n my bike to ride to a lake to fish from shore during the day. When you’re eight years old, pretty much everything you caught you kept from panfish [Read more…]

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jig minnow walleye

Photo by Bill Lindner   Leeches vs. Minnows vs. Nightcrawlers   By: Greg Bohn, the Master of Slip Bobber Fishing:   Slip bobber rigging is simply a live bait delivery system. The most perfect rig will be worthless if your minnow, leech, or nightcrawler doesn’t look attractive. It won’t entice a bite. As a result, [Read more…]

slip float night walleyes

by Greg Bohn   If you think your rock bar is hot during the day,wait until the sun goes down. Many walleyes put feeding on hold until nightfall. Don’t miss the bite after dark. It can be unbelievable!   There’s nothing more exciting than watching a Lindy Nite Brite lighted float dipping underwater near the [Read more…]

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