Dave Csanda

Dave Csanda spent his first 28 years in the fishing industry as an editor of In-Fisherman publications and co-host of In-Fisherman Television. While closely associated with Walleye In-sider magazine and the annual Walleye Guide, he contributed countless articles to In-Fisherman magazine and co-authored numerous multi-species books including the 5-part Critical Concepts Walleye Series.
 In 2005, Dave joined Lindner Media Productions to help create Lindner’s Angling Edge and Fishing Edge TV, educational DVDs, television commercials and promotional videos for the outdoor industry. He is the content director for AnglingBuzz.com, which supplies video fishing tips, educational articles, and regional BuzzBite fishing reports detailing current fishing conditions throughout the Upper Midwest, available via the internet and Forum Communication Company newspapers and web sites.

In 2012, Dave was inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame. And in 2015, he was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin.
Dave contributes educational articles to a variety of fishing and outdoor publications. He performs frequent radio interviews and maintains an active seminar schedule at sport shows, fishing clubs and in-store promotions
Dave has fished from Alaska to Australia, Europe to South America, and all across the U. S. and Canada for everything from bass to muskies and panfish to trout. He believes every fish species and angling tactic offers its own unique array of challenges and enjoyment–casting, trolling, even flyfishing–and welcomes the opportunity to share his experience with anglers.

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Giant Lake Oahe Northern Pike Shore Fishing

by Dave Csanda   During the spring, spawned-out pike like to linger in and around the back ends of active creek arms, where the water tends to be a little warmer than elsewhere. These are often the same areas where pike spawned as the ice was going out, so there are plenty of fish in [Read more…]

Muddy Water River Walleyes

by Dave Csanda   High water in spring is often accompanied by fast flow and muddy conditions, pushing walleyes tight to shore and even up into shallow cover.   Sometimes, though, rivers muddy up on their own, even without fast flow.   The Rainy River along the Minnesota-Ontario border is a good example where this [Read more…]

Travel Manitoba
Late Ice Panfish

by Dave Csanda   The end of February heralds the closure of ice fishing seasons for gamefish on the inland waters of several northern states. In others, fishing seasons remain open year-‘round—with most of that time frame being ice-free. Running farther north to Canadian waters may be an option for hardcore folks who can’t stand [Read more…]


If you’re a winter pike angler, you probably use one or more tip ups to present deadbaits on quick strike rigs. It’s like setting a trapline in a productive area—likely a mainlake weedbed or shoreline point—and waiting for a flag to pop up, indicating a strike. Amble on over to the tip up, gingerly lift [Read more…]

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Brian Brosdahl

by Dave Csanda   Once crappies move deep to their usual winter haunts—down the edges of dropoffs, and out across soft basin areas of 30-odd feet in depth—tiny jigs tipped with softbaits become increasingly difficult to fish effectively in deeper water.   Deep is a relative thing, however. Crappies don’t like cavernous deep basins; in [Read more…]

Excel Outdoors Ad

by Dave Csanda   Here in the North Country, four to five months of ice cover is common, and ice fishing is a way of life, complete with its own unique clothing, equipment and strategies. Some years present early ice fishing opportunities, while others leave us waiting well into December for sufficiently solidify ice conditions. [Read more…]

Wacky Worm Smallmouth Bass

by Dave Csanda   The first time I saw a wacky worm, I thought, “This is just wrong.” I’ve since learned that sometimes, it can be really, really right. Especially for finicky bass in cold water.   After all, bass fishermen take pride in rigging their Texas-rigged plastic worms by threading the hook point through [Read more…]


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