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Tip-ups and deadsticks become a necessity when targeting walleye on large pieces of structure. Not only are you doubling your chances of putting a bait in front of a fish, but you’re also giving them a good reason to stick around. In this video, veteran fishing guide Brad Hawthorne shares some sweet tips for utilizing [Read more…]

Lake Vermilion Resorts

Brad Hawthorne (Brad Hawthorne’s Guide Service) shares the fishing report from Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota for early December.

Radco Tile

When the fish are biting Jigging Raps, it can be tough to put them down — even when you’re loosing them left-and-right in snaggy areas. Unless you have some DEEP pockets, it can pays to make this quick modification to your lure to avoid losing them. Thanks to Brad Hawthorne for saving us a few [Read more…]

Hawk Lake TIle

Dialing in the correct crankbait color can mean the difference between a good day and a great day. Fishing guide Brad Hawthorne is a walleye crankin’ fanatic, and this is how he uses custom colored crankbaits to discover walleye color preferences quickly in various fishing conditions.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to [Read more…]

Blackfish Box

The best part about fishing a familiar lake is you ALREADY know where the fish tend to hangout. Conversely, fishing new lakes can be difficult because you need to use your prior knowledge to isolate and sample various spots where fish MIGHT live.   In this video, well-known guide Brad Hawthorne breaks down a few [Read more…]


If you want to catching MORE fish, you need to be using your electronics to cover water and FIND fish instead of casting or jigging aimlessly. Don’t fish spots. Don’t fish memories. Don’t guard your hole. Don’t sit around waiting for the fish to come to you.   Thanks Brad Hawthorne for the sound advice! [Read more…]

Bucktail Jig

When’s the best time to use minnows for summertime walleye fishing? Minnesota fishing guide Brad Hawthorne shares a couple different situations where he puts away the other offerings and busts out jumbo-sized minnows.   Thumbnail photo via Matt Addington.     For more videos like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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