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Flyfishing is both fun and effective for spooky fish like carp. Charlie Moore discusses the essentials of reading fish activity, fly selection, and going toe-to-toe with heavy-duty carp on a flyrod.

Radco Tile

Wind direction is a major factor determining the depth and location of salmon. Strong winds pushing warmer surface layers offshore draw cool water, baitfish and salmon near shore.

James Lindner - Big Canadian Pike

Much has been said recently about the overall decrease in the size of northern pike throughout Minnesota in the past 20 years. To combat this trend, the Minnesota DNR is proposing innovative management strategies designed to reduce the numbers of “hammer handle” northerns in many waters, while simultaneously limiting the harvest of larger pike. The [Read more…]

Sea Foam Rebate

Livebait rigging with leeches or nightcrawlers excels for fishing the edges of deep midlake structures. Coupled with precise boat control, livebait tempts even reluctant walleyes to bite.

Balz Out 1x1

Weedless spinner rigs allow anglers to troll softballs above weed tops and along edges, efficiently covering water to locate active biters while using speed, flash, vibration and action to trigger strikes.

Aquatic Invasive Species

Channel catfish in rivers relate to current breaks and cover associated with deep holes. Anchor just upstream from key fish attractors and use deadbeat rigs to coax fish into biting.

Balz Out 1x1

Photo by Bill Lindner   The onset of warm summer weather heralds not only comfortable temperatures for boaters and outdoor lovers, but a similar burst of activity beneath the waves as fish of all species begin exhibiting traditional summer behavior in earnest.   Walleye   Walleyes set up on midlake structures, where classic livebait rigging [Read more…]


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