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Cool Products for Spring Crappie Fishing

Springtime crappie fishing can be a load of fun, but it’s important to be rigged up with the right gear to maximize your time out on the water. Here are a few of our recommendations for your next crappie trip this spring:   – Southern Pro Tackle Crappie Assortment – $13.99 – Mister Twister 2” [Read more…]

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Crappies- A Shallow Water Springtime Bonanza

According to fishing market researchers Southwick & Associates and, panfish are America’s second-favorite fish, right behind the largemouth bass. And within the larger category of panfish, crappies consistently come out on top.   A similar trend has emerged in Minnesota; results from a questionnaire sent to random fishing license holders puts crappies ahead of [Read more…]

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3 Key Cover Types for Early Season Crappies

What is the key to finding early-season crappies?   In the big picture, it may seem simple: shallow bays and channels that warm up fast in spring are good areas to start the hunt.   Still, early-season crappie fishing can be somewhat fickle due to erratic spring weather patterns and fluctuating water temperature. But once [Read more…]

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Top Crappie Lakes

Whether you’re in it for the sport or the table fare, it’s hard to go wrong with crappies. They are widespread geographically, they are fairly easy to catch, they provide some great action, and they taste good!   While there are many, many great crappie lakes throughout the region, these are a few of our [Read more…]

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2017 AnglingBuzz TV Show 3

This is episode THREE of AnglingBuzz TV 2017. In this episode, we tackle one of America’s favorite fish: the crappie! This is a deep dive into how to find crappies during the spring of the year, and how to catch them!     Never miss an episode of AnglingBuzz TV, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

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Cool Products for Spring Walleye Fishing Success

This week, we’re looking at some great products that will help you enjoy your time out on the water this spring chasing walleyes. From lures, to bait management systems, to the cooking equipment, you need to be prepared for everything!   – Rapala Jigging Rap – $6.19 – Northland Puppet Minnow – $5.19 – Moonshine [Read more…]

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Walleye Master

Called “walleyed pike” by some, walleyes are actually part of the perch family.   But the nickname “marble eyes” fits. Equipped with specially-adapted cells on the retina called Tepetum Lucidum, the walleye’s bulging, glossy, and reflective eyes are built for low-light feeding.   This can make catching walleyes a puzzle, with optimal feeding windows during [Read more…]

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