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Alexandria Mn

In west central Minnesota, the Alexandria area is dotted with over 350 lakes for fisherman to explore, with some of the best walleye lakes within minutes of downtown Alexandria. Darling, Le Homme Dieu, Carlos, and Ida just to name a few. The town was bustling this last weekend with the walleye opener bringing anglers in [Read more…]

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Spring Panfish Gear

Now is PRIMETIME for panfishing in the Upper Midwest. Most folks are focusing their attention on walleyes, bass, pike, etc., but this is when the panfish bite really starts to turn up. While springtime crappies and sunfish aren’t terribly difficult to catch, it pays to have a diverse arsenal for different fishing conditions.   Panfish [Read more…]

Sea Foam Rebate
Spring Fishing

Spring is a time of new beginnings — for both fish and fishermen.   Following winter’s slumber, the entire food web comes to life again as days get longer and the waters warm: green weeds emerge almost overnight, tiny critters start flittering about, as do schools of minnows, with gamefish following suit.   Pike, panfish, [Read more…]

Spring Fishing Products

It’s spring of the year and fish are heading up into the shallows to gorge on bait and “do their deal”. This provides an excellent opportunity for multi-species anglers to capitalize on a flurry of different bites, using shallow water presentations to cover water quickly and trigger vicious bites.   Lures   – Rapala Original [Read more…]

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Chris Pratt

We thought this was WAY too good not to share…   When Chris Pratt isn’t busy fighting Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, he likes catching “sea bass” on Lake Perris, just east of Los Angeles. In this video from Vanity Fair, Chris shares some KILLER tips for filleting and prepping some delicious shore lunch. [Read more…]

Leech Lake

Leech Lake is famous for being one of Minnesota’s premier walleye destinations. But it has much more than just walleyes to offer visiting anglers. Many people love to take advantage of the exceptional crappie and sunfish bite. Big black crappies can be found in the lake’s many wild rice lined bays. And if you’re looking [Read more…]

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Today's Walleye Fisherman

Make sure to watch the full episode here: Walleye Magic   There’s army of anglers practically manic about all things walleye. Who doesn’t live for the bait thumping, rod pumping, head shaking action and flicker of that white tip tail?   The payoff is pretty good, too. It’s hard to beat fresh walleye fried, broiled, [Read more…]

Balz Out 1x1

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