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Rip Jigging Walleye

If you haven’t tried reaction baits for summer walleyes, you’re missing the boat. Whether it’s ripping lipless crankbaits or Jigging Raps, it is truly an amazing way to catch’em. It can trigger dozens of bites on days when livebait will produce just a few fish.

Lake Vermilion Resorts
Al Lindner

Al Lindner (Lindner’s Angling Edge) shares the fishing report from the Alexandria region of Minnesota in mid/late July.

Explore Alexandria
Al Lindner

Al Lindner (Lindner’s Angling Edge) shares the fishing report from Mille Lacs Lake and all across Minnesota for walleye in early July.

Aquatic Invasive Species
Why Your Jerkbaits Should Be Bright and Have a Feathered Treble

Most of the top anglers will tell you that “color” is one of the last things they consider when they are choosing a lure — focusing on things like action, speed and depth range instead. While we aren’t arguing against that approach, you can’t ignore color altogether because it can make a big difference in [Read more…]

Off Shore Tackle Tile
Your Outboard Might Actually Be Attracting Fish

Believe it or not, in some situations, your outboard might actually be attracting fish to your lure. We’ve seen many times in the past how jerk-trolling behind a running engine outproduces a lure flung out far away from the boat. This can be true for bass, pike, muskies and even walleyes, although to a lesser [Read more…]

Sea Foam Rebate
A 1-2-3 Punch for Spring Smallies

When you’re out on the water chasing smallmouth bass during the spring prespawn period, it’s hard to top a jerkbait when the fish are active. In the video above, Al Lindner breaks down his 1-2-3 punch for jerkin’ spring smallies.     For more videos tips like this, Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Travel Manitoba

40 years ago, Al Lindner was at a crossroads in his career: Become a full-time tournament bass fisherman or focus instead on the media side of the industry — BASS vs In-Fisherman   In the video above, Al explains what went into making that decision, and why he ultimately chose In-Fisherman over Bassmaster.     [Read more…]


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